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Is my car insurance company on my side?

  Beth White - March 1, 2018

Not really. It’s true that you can let your insurance company tell you everything you need to know in order to settle your car accident issue. And they will settle your “case” in the most ecomonical way possible because they are in the business of making money and being profitable. The less money they pay out to you and other claims, the more profit they get to keep. 

New Jersey is a No Fault State

This simply means that your auto insurance company will be the one paying for your auto accident medical bills. Even if you know the other driver was at fault, call your own insurance company right away and tell them the complete truth. Definitely do not discuss your accident or settlement offers with any insurance agency or law firm other than your own. It’s a good idea to retain an attorney to help sort out the details if you’re feeling overwhelmed or need clarity. Jacob and Chiarello offers a free consultation for all auto accidents.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

New Jersey requires every motorist to carry Personal Injury Protection insurance. Even if you know the other driver was at fault, your insurance company will be the agency handling and paying for your auto accident related medical bills in New Jersey. PIP insurance is in two parts, Bodily Injury Liablity and Property Damage Liability. 

Bodily Injury Liability

Your insurance company pays for severe injury or death to others when you cause an auto accident, truck accident or motorcycle accident involving your vehicle. However, your insurance company will only pay for those injuries up to the limits of your policy.

Property Damage Liability

This type of liability auto insurance covers you if your car, truck, or motorcyle damages someone else’s property. Property damage is not limited to vehicles, it also covers you if your car, for example, crashes through a front yard fence or destroys a street sign or light pole. 

New Jersey Statute of Limitations

If you are injured in a car accident, truck accident or motorcycle accident, you have a specific period of time to file a lawsuit or close/settle a case. New Jersey allows you to file within a 2 year time period for personal injury. Keep in mind your time frame begins the on the day the accident took place. 

Free Consultation for Accident Cases

At Jacob and Chiarello, we care about getting you the settlement you deserve. For all auto accident cases you will pay us nothing unless we win money for you. A consultation is absolutely free. Give us a call to set up your appointment and we will give you peace of mind by explaining the possiblities as they pertain to your unique situation. 


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