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Hurt on the job? Injured at work?

  Beth White - April 22, 2018

Hurt on the job? Injured at work? Here are 6 tips to keep in mind.

Report your injury.

Be certain that you report your injury to your supervisor or the appropriate person at your office to document that you sustained an injury on the job while at work. This could include a traumatic physical injury like cutting yourself, an injury that happens over time like a repetitive stress injury or work injury that causes hearing loss or disease/ infection. If an injury report is prepared, get a copy.

Make sure your supervisor writes up an injury report.

You’ll want to make sure that your work injury has been properly documented within the company. If the appropriate parties will not create this report, create a copy yourself detailing the incident and provide them with a copy. Keep a journal record of when you gave them the copy.

Schedule an appointment with a doctor who is affiliated with your company.

Explain to your doctor how your injury occured and be very thourough in the details. If you feel that the doctor is not adequately addressing your situation, provide them with a written statement about how your injury was caused on the job and keep a journal record of when you provided this statement as well as a copy.

Follow your doctor’s advice.

After your visit, be certain you stick to what your doctor has told you to do. If he or she suggests that you avoid certain activities or that you should not perform specific tasks when returning to the office make sure you follow the directions. Request that your doctor provide you with a witten, signed statement of his or her recommendations and present this to your employer.

Be sure the doctor sends every bill to your employer.

To avoid any confusion down the road in the event of legal action, make sure the doctor’s office sends all bills to your employer’s address and not to your home. 

When to consult an attorney if you’ve been injured on the job.


If your work injuries are severe to the extent that you require surgery or a medical professional believes your health could be permanently compromised you should call an attorney immediately. At Jacob and Chiarello we’ve helped countless clients from all over South Jersey with workers’ compensation related cases. To ensure that you receive adequate medical care and all of the worker’s compensation benefits you are entitled to call us. We will advocate on your behalf and make the process much easier than if you attempt to go it alone. Over the years we’ve won millions of dollars for South Jersey clients and we like the opportunity to help you as well. To schedule a free consultation please call us at 856-825-0700.

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