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Introduction to Adoptions

There are times when a child's natural parents are no longer able to care for him or her as a result of unfortunate circumstances such as abandonment, death, and unfitness. The adoption system fortunately provides a positive means for a caring individual to assume the parental role.

At Jacob Law Group, Bohdan Zachariasevych is the adoption lawyer who handles private adoptions as well as those that involve the New Jersey Department of Children and Families; and Child Protection and Permanency (formerly DYFS).

Adoption After the Termination of Parental Rights

Once a child's parents have had their parental rights terminated it opens up the opportunity for foster parents, grandparents, godparents, stepparents or other friends or relatives to pursue adopting the child or children.

Adoption by a Step Parent

Step parent adoptions can only move forward when the child's natural parent(s) have voluntarily reliquished their parental rights over the child, passed away or have had their rights terminated.

How We Can Help with Your Adoption

Our adoption attorney, Bohdan, is familiar with every step of the New Jersey adoption and parental rights processs. He can help you petition for the termination of a natural parent's parental rights, fill out the adoption paperwork, and will be there with you in court when the adoption is formally recognized. Allowing an experienced adoption attorney to listen and guide you through the adoption system in New Jersey will make the entire adoption process much easier for you.

To schedule an adoption consultation with Bohdan Zachariasevych call 856-825-0782.


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