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Boating Accidents and Jet Ski Accidents

Introduction to Maritime Accidents

When accidents happen on the water the most common causes are improper use of equipment by an operator or equipment malfunctions due to product defects. If you or someone you care about has been injured while boating, sailing, fishing, jet skiing or another maritime activity you have every right to determine who was to blame and pursue compensation for damages and/or injuries.

The most common sources of fault for maritime accidents

• The operator of the boat, ship, or other type of recreational water vehicle was being used improperly.
• You or your boat is struck by the operator of another craft.
• A design or manufacturing defect in the vessel or on-board equipment.

Who's to blame?

If you feel the operator is at fault, we will need to determine if safety rules were not followed and/or was the operator careless or reckless.

Questions include:

• Was the operator speeding too fast?
• Was the operator driving the boat or jet ski while drunk or intoxicated?
• Did the boat operator check the weather and follow all safety inspections and precautions?

If you feel there was a vessel or equipment malfunction that led to an accident, then the manufacturer of that equipment may be at fault and responsible for paying damages to anyone who was hurt because of it.

Best course of action

The best course of action to take when involved in a boating accident or water related accident is to sit down with a lawyer experienced in personal injury. At Jacob Law Group, Beth White is the attorney who handles boating accidents, jet ski collisions, and other personal injury claims. He has over 20 years of experience in personal injury and has helped many South Jersey residents receive exceptional compensation for their accident claims.

To schedule a consultation with Beth White call 856-825-0700.


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