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Bohdan Zachariasevych, Esq


Mr. Zachariasevych represents and consults with clients in a wide variety of issues, both familial and financial, with a "down to earth" approach. At our firm, you will receive the appropriate advice and representation to maximize the prospects of success under the circumstances. In his 20 years of practice, Mr. Zachariasevych has represented men and women (fairly evenly split), in family matters, mediated to peaceful divorce settlements and custody disputes; advocated for victimized consumers and underdog sub-contractors; and provided security and stability to families with aging and declining loved ones.


Mr. Zachariasevych was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a son of Ukrainian immigrants. A graduate of Drexel University and Temple University James E. Beasley School of Law, he is licensed to practice law in New Jersey and Pennsylvania and Mediate Family Law disputes. A member of the New Jersey, Cumberland and Salem County Bar and the New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators, he also volunteers his time as a panelist for Matrimonial Early Settlement in Cumberland and Salem Counties, and is the primary parenting time mediator for the Cumberland County Family Mediation Center.


If you wish to pursue settlement of a Divorce, Legal Separation, or Dissolution of Domestic Partnership, we suggest that you schedule a consultation for Family Mediation, even if only one party is available. Often the ultimate cost is far less than a contested divorce. The initial consultation of 45 minutes is $200 and you are welcome to return with your spouse for a complimentary follow-up.

Representation & Advice

The potential scope of issues in any family law case is very broad - sometimes legal advice at a one-time consultation is sufficient to help a client manage a domestic dispute or arrange a separation, and sometimes a multi-day trial is necessary in a custody trial.

Mr. Zachariasevych is available to consult on issues involving parties' rights prior to, during and after a marriage, intimate relationship or domestic partnership. If a settlement is a possibility, consider Family Mediation. If you have reached an agreement or drafted a settlement agreement, Mr. Zachariasevych is available to prepare or review agreements, and consult on an individual's rights. If an Order or Judgment has been entered, he is available to consult on enforcement or modification as well as emergency matters involving children.

Mr. Zachariasevych has an extensive Family Law practice in "post-judgment" matters, for individuals who have lingering issues after Divorce and Dissolution of Domestic Partnership, individuals who were unsuccessful in getting their point across to the Judge, or who need to return to Court because things have changed. At our firm, Mr. Zachariasevych is called upon to address the "hotly contested" issues involving family members or close relations.

Mr. Zachariasevych principally appears in Atlantic, Camden, Cumberland, Gloucester and Salem County Courthouses. In certain circumstances he will represent clients in counties farther north or south, if cost is a primary consideration, it may be cost effective to hire an attorney local to that Courthouse. Mr. Zachariasevych is also a Family Mediator, and has participated in Family Mediation, on behalf of clients.


If you have filed for Child Support or Custody with a pro se application at the Courthouse, or if you have been served with Notice of Hearing from a pro se application, you can expect to pay a $500 Retainer for representation (in addition to the $200 consultation fee).

If you are considering Family Mediation, the cost of the consultation is $200. Mediation services are provided at a rate of $275 per hour. Depending on the complexity of the matter, you can expect an agreement on paper, ready for attorney review, in as little as five hours. Please click on our Family Mediation page for details.

If you have an agreement, or believe that you have reached an agreement, we will prepare a comprehensive Matrimonial Settlement Agreement for a flat fee of $500. The cost to "put through" a divorce once an agreement has been reached is approximately $1,000. The Initial Retainer for a simple contested divorce or dissolution of domestic partnership is $2,500.

To schedule a consultation with Bohdan Zachariasevych, contact his assistant, Michele at (856) 825-0782. The cost of a Family Law consultation is $200.00. For Municipal Court and Traffic Offenses, the initial consultation fee is $100.00 which will be credited toward the retainer fee (a flat fee) should the client choose to have Mr. Zachariasevych represent. For other matters, a typical consultation fee is also $100.00, with a separate retainer for representation quoted at the consultation. All consultation fees are payable at the time of your consultation.


Clients who have retained the services may contact Bohdan Zachariasevych by email. Unless you are an existing client, we cannot answer legal questions in a telephone call, even simple questions. If you need legal advice, we suggest that you schedule a consultation. The cost of a consultation, which typically lasts from and hour to an hour and one half, is a flat fee cost of $200.