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Calling the Right Law Firm
Does Make a Difference
Put our experience
to work for you, today
Fred Jacob provides asset protection planning legal advice in Millville New Jersey
Asset protection,
plan before you worry.
Schedule a $200 consultation.
Frederick Jacob
Beth White is an auto accident attorney practicing law in Millville NJ
Car insurance
coverage confusing?
Free consultation with policy review and questions answered for auto accident cases.
Beth White
Fred Jacob is an attorney who creates wills in Millville New Jersey
Create a will.
Consultation $150.
Preparation of the 1st will is $200.
(Kissing Wills $300).
Frederick Jacob
Beth White is a lawyer in Millville NJ who can handle your workers comp case.
If you've been injured on
the job, know your rights.
Schedule a free consultation.
Beth White
Beth White is a South Jersey attorney with years of experience with auto accident cases.
If we're representing you
in an accident case...
Auto insurance companies know,
it's settle or trial.
Beth White
Fred Jacob is a South Jersey attorney practicing Elder Law and can help with the Medicaid Application Process
Overwhelmed by the Medicaid Application?
We can help alleviate the headaches.
Frederick Jacob

Welcome to Jacob Law Group.

We provide exceptional legal services to the Millville, Vineland, Bridgeton area and the greater South Jersey region.

For 45 years, we have been honored by the trust you place in us to assist you in some of life’s most difficult times. In today’s challenging environment, we want to continue to provide you with the exceptional legal service you have become accustomed to here at Jacob Law Group.

Our attorneys and staff are available to you in-person, by telephone, video conferencing and email. We will thoroughly answer all of your questions and focus on providing you with the best possible legal outcome.

Legal Practice Areas of Special Concern at this time:

Workers’ Compensation
      - COVID-19 Related
      - Non-COVID-19 Related
      - Trucking Accidents
      - Motor Vehicle Accidents
Elder Law
Medicaid and VA Planning
Personal Injuries
Wills, Trusts and Estates
Living Wills
Power of Attorney
Trucking/Motor Vehicle
Municipal Court Matters

About Fees and Consultations

Jacob Law Group fees are inline with the industry standard and we will provide you with an estimate of total cost before any hourly work is performed. Free consultations are provided for all personal injury cases and workers' compensation claims. Home or hospital visits can be scheduled if that is easier for you or your loved one.

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Jacob Law Group attorney office building located at 600 West Main Street in Milllville, New Jersey