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Personal Injury

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Nobody wants to be injured. In day-to-day life we are exposed to a multitude of physical hazards and, most of the time, we have the good fortune of avoiding injury, but not always. In many cases, an injury is caused by someone else, either by something the person did, or neglected to do.

  About Personal Injury

By law, a person who is negligent or careless is responsible for the harm that he or she caused to another, whether the harm was caused to the victim or the victim’s property. In order to prove that person responsible, we must prove that there was negligence and that the negligent act caused your injuries. The lawyers of Jacob Law Group have decades of experience in this highly specialized area. We have settled thousands of cases and secured numerous, large jury verdicts. Our well-earned reputation among the insurance industry for competence and dedication is important to us. Securing justice for our clients, and working with them compassionately throughout the process, is our passion.

  How much is your injury worth?

The property damage is often straightforward to determine. Your claim will depend on several factors including the pain you experienced, your prospects of recovery, how medical experts expect your injury to affect your ability to work and carry on your lifestyle in the future, as well as your cost for the treatment of your injuries and ongoing therapy. Some injuries and their consequences are obvious, others are not. Often a client may have an obvious injury, and an underlying, hidden one which makes it worse. A good attorney knows how to present the whole picture of his client, whether to a jury or an insurance adjuster, so that the verdict or settlement is fair, and properly reflects the client’s injury. With personal injury, there is value in experience. If you have suffered an injury, we would like you to call the firm of Jacob Law Group.

  About your consultation

At your initial consultation, a firm attorney will evaluate your case, and advise you on your prospects of recovery, as well as a value range for your injury. Either at your initial consultation or in the discovery process, a firm attorney should be able to advise you whether it is likely that your case will settle, or if the matter must be brought to trial. Before settlement, the nature and extent of a client’s injuries must be known, as well as how the injuries effect a client’s ability to work and carry on activities of every day life. Medical costs, as well as future expenses also affect a settlement.

In personal injury cases it is typically necessary to hire medical experts to provide opinions on a clients injuries. It may also be necessary to hire experts to recreate the accident, or provide details, which are not typically to a jury. The cost of medical experts is expensive, and also is a consideration in a settlement.

Lawyers are paid out of a client’s personal injury settlement or verdict after other costs are paid. The specifics on distribution of a recovery will be discussed with a client at the initial consultation and a contract will be signed should a client choose to hire the firm for representation.

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For more information on personal injury, or to schedule a free consultation to discuss your personal injury matter, please contact the law firm of Jacob Law Group at (856) 825-0700, or Email Us. For purposes of confidentiality, legal questions cannot be answered over the phone, or by e-mail, unless you are an existing client. If you are unable to come in for an appointment at the firm, we are available to meet with you at your home or at the hospital.

Please note for Medical Malpractice and Legal Malpractice consultations there is a $150 consultation fee.


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